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She's Fly Bundle

She's Fly Bundle

Sweet Street Cosmetics

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4 Always ‘N Forever Liquid Lipsticks + Wing Queen
Sometimes all you need is a wing and a pop of color to feel the flyest. Use our golden girl Wing Queen eyeliner to frame your eyes with thin lines or bold wings and four Always ‘n Forever Liquid Lipsticks to keep your color poppin’ from dusk till dawn, and back again

- Always 'n Forever Escandalosa

- Always 'n Forever Whisper

- Always 'n Forever Sad Girl

- Always 'n Forever 1993

- Wing Queen

Videos & Tutorials

  • image Wing Queen Ep 9 | Colitas (1:05)
  • image Wing Queen Ep 8 | Simone (2:19)
  • image Wing Queen Ep 7 | Lunalovebad (2:18)