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About Us

Natalia Durazo and LaLa Romero

There are no rules or boxes in beauty. Anyone can live on Sweet Street and with a little practice, everyone can be a WING QUEEN. We stand beside EVERYONE with big, GLAM dreams.

Sweet Street is a neighborhood queen with larger than life dreams. She is a multifaceted homegirl who can move in any room. She is style & grace. She's the influencers muse. She is the real beauty standard. She sets trends following no one's rules but her own. Her glamour is soulful, ambitious, and defiant--the intersection of fly and street.

Sweet Street celebrates a narrative in the cosmetics industry that has been historically overlooked. We are here to close the gap that exists in offerings that celebrate beauty and artistry originated by everyday women of color. The founders, Lala Romero and Natalia Durazo have long been inspired by their own experiences and iconic women from neighborhoods and pop culture. They are excited to add to the ever-expanding beauty conversation while celebrating their culture and round-the-way beauty.


  • Bella Dona
  • Honey B
  • Scam and Jam